Update -March 2008

Update -March 2008

Postby pam501gal » Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:25 pm

I'm still searching for a doctor in MA. who has treated a patient with MRH. I am so curious to chat with ANY doctor who has treated a patient with MRH and has followed up with that patient when the disease "burned itself out."
I am quite fortunate to be working with some outstanding doctors!!! I'm participating in OT and PT on a weekly basis and the daily exercises and helping. The therapists are helpful and compassionate!!! My rheumatologist has really helped me to understand what options are available. He has been working diligently researching and answering my neverending questions - THANKS!!! My primary care doctor has also been there and I really appreciate his dedication and assistance! I really am counting my blessings with the amazing people that I am surrounded by.
The great news is that someone found our website and contacted me! We're in touch now and we've shared stories and have offered each other some great information!!! I hope that we're able to learn more and reach out to others who have been affected by this disease.
Thanks especially to Christian for his support and specifically for deleting all of the spam and fake users :).
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